Gone are the days when products were sold in the physical sense solely which made the salespeople the only go- to experts before a sale could take place. Today, the consumer habits have changed as a result of the advancement in technology. Over the past few years, social selling has gained the attention of sales professionals looking to succeed in the altered customer purchasing landscape.

An organization looking to drive sales has a raft of digital technologies to choose from to improve the selling power of a business. However, just applying and using these isn’t enough. There needs to be a digital selling strategy in place that guides the organization as a whole and ensures the digital assets are aligned with other activities that drive sales.

Despite online marketing’s success in boosting the selling process, research shows that two-thirds of companies do not have any sort of social media strategy for their sales teams. As one of the most potent and effective branches of digital sales, social selling seems undervalued and underutilized by organizations to their detriment.

Social Selling – What it is.

Social selling is the process in which salespeople use the social media platforms to engage directly with their target market. When the salespeople are successful on these platforms, they are considered as the thought leaders by their prospective clients as a result of their know-how and value addition in the industry.

Benefits of Social Selling

Today's consumers are savvy and are less susceptible to traditional sales techniques. With 90% of decision-makers never answering a cold call it's no longer good enough to adopt a one size fits all mentality to your organization’s online sales plan. Tailoring your sales team’s efforts to the individual is essential. Mainly, a big part of social selling is thinking about things from the customer's perspective and approaching them with a warm intro, rather than a cold, impersonal pitch - and it's an essential and valuable skill.

Benefits of Social Selling

When it comes to selling, the most important thing that the internet excels at is developing relationships. Alongside relationship building, it offers the opportunity to establish trust with existing and potential customers and ultimately drive sales.

With digital transformation now more of a necessity than a choice for global organizations, sales leaders are integral to selling success. Get in touch with us through [email protected] or call us on 0729-9050156 for a free consultation on how you can leverage the online presence through social selling to make your business the next success story.