When moving to a new house, it is important to prepare a checklist that will come in handy and ensure that your move is as smooth as possible. If you are using movers, it is important to compare quotes and reviews before you can engage the movers. Also, remember to take time to research more about the area you intend to move to. Find the social amenities that will make you feel at home.
Start clearing up early since it will help you get rid of things that you do not want to take with you to your new house. Make a list of the items you want to move with, then get rid of everything else that does not fall on the list. 

Moving in Do's

Pack the valuables, important documents, and delicate pieces in advance to avoid accidents that occur when packing is done in a hurry. Label all fragile boxes for the movers or your family to handle with care.
Visit the new home and ensure that it is free of pests. It is important before you move in, to fumigate the new house in order to ensure that you do not inherit the previous owner’s pests and bugsClean the house thoroughly and leave it for a few days for aeration.
Pack small bags for your family for necessities that the movers need not put in the boxes. This will ensure that your family has a change of clothes for a few days before and after moving out.
Have a specific time to move, as this will help manage the emotional fatigue that will come with the moving. Be specific when directing the movers about the time and location of your new and old house. This way, it will help save you time when you start moving and to get to the new location.
If it is not a new home, ensure that you replace the locks of the new house because you never know who the previous owners made copies of.

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