Events are a huge part of how companies run. They can range from an extensive product launch to a party or a special sale. No matter what size of the event proper social media coverage is vital. Social media helps spread the word about your event as well as provides excellent content. It's a double win! However, you must be strategic in how to use social media promotion. 

Laveraging the Power of Social Media to Promote Events

Pick the Right Platform

The target audience of the event will dictate what social media platform to use. If the occasion is a large and public event, Facebook is perfect. Facebook also allows specific targeting to reach particular demographics who would be interested. Facebook also has the option to create an event page as well instead of entirely relying on simple posts to advertise.  If the event is a corporate event, LinkedIn would be the ideal platform. To promote an event on LinkedIn you can create posts, share a sign-up link, direct message people, and create a group. With a less formal event, Instagram allows to mass share event details both in post and stories. 

Create Buzz

Posting before the event allows your audience to stay up to date. There are a few ways to make the promotion engaging. You can create an event hashtag that encourages people to also post about the event. You also need to make sure the posts are shareable. Shareable content is high quality and interesting photos. Some content ideas to create buzz include blog posts, video sneak peaks, and behind the scenes look. It is also important to encourage your followers to share your posts so it will reach their network as well. 

Day of Coverage

Do not forget to update your social media during the event. It allows those who were unable to attend to see the activities and stay involved. With a huge event, the attendees can use social media to say in tune with what is happening in other parts of the event. This is a grand strategy to create interest in future events as well. Event days can seem like a whirlwind and can get overwhelming. It is important to designate someone, or even a team, to take responsibility to create these posts, so it does not get forgotten. 

Follow Up

After the event is over it is crucial to follow up with your attendees. Social media can be used to post photos and videos taken at the event. The platforms are also perfect for thanking everyone who attended. Receiving feedback about the occasion is also extremely helpful. Make sure to ask your attendees' opinion. Post-event still allows plenty of content ideas. You can always post recap pictures and videos, get testimonials from attendees and publish blog posts about it.

Planning an event takes a lot of time and strategy. Do not forget to put that same effort into the social media management. Social media can seem overwhelming and stressful but creating a plan will help. 

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