In the recent past, we have noticed that businesses in the construction industry are among the top in the search engine on Infomoby Directory. What does this mean for the entrepreneurs in this environment? You need to be listed to ensure your viewers and potential clients can find you.

Just like any other business out there, marketing is essential for the success of your business and brand awareness. You may be having the best construction company providing professional services at the most affordable prices, but if people do not know about you, what is the point?

In Kenya, the online penetration of businesses keeps growing at a tremendous rate annually with the most significant number of people accessing any information online through mobile phones. It goes to show that if you have not taken the opportunity to get online, this is the time and place to be.

Useful Tips Contractors Need to Consider in their Digital Marketing Efforts

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO involves ensuring that your website ranks on the first page in the search results when your audience searches for construction companies. It entails embedding the right keywords when adding content to your site. Taking note of the Titles and meta descriptions are some of the aspects that you can put into consideration to improve your site's SEO. For instance, you could use a title like "Best Contractors in Kenya.” These are some of the keywords that your viewers could be using to look for construction companies online and using similar keywords on your site will ensure you appear on the search page.

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Social Media Marketing

Social media is one of the most effective platforms to use to engage with your viewers. This is so because it can help you determine where your clients are coming from and their interests. Identifying the best platform for your business is the first step. Ensure you make use of two-three channels which you can commit to  100%. Social media has proven to be useful when it comes to client feedback and reviews. Make sure you engage with your audience which contributes to improving your marketing efforts.


Online directories have proven to be a successful way to create an online presence. This is because, they state the contact information, give directions and website information for your business. Clients looking for contractors can easily find you and know how to get InTouch with you. This is why your business should have an online listing in a directory.

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Remarketing strategies

Many are the times you click on a website and see advertisements for a different site you once visited. These are known as remarketing strategies. You can decide to use similar campaign efforts, which will enable your clients to remember you and prompt them to come back or give referrals.

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