Recent disturbing cases in the media of nannies and caregivers mistreating children under their care has not only ignited debate across the country, but birthed a spy camera buying craze among working mothers worried about their children's safety, with research showing six out of ten children are sexually harassed and homes are the most dangerous places to leave your children.

Security firms are already recording unprecedented inquiries and sales of spy cameras dubbed nanny cams. In Kenya, statistics in ten districts revealed shocking details with 58 out of 100 children, between 10 and 18 years, reporting sexual harassment, mostly from people known to them. A Study by a Kenyan scholar, Sara Jerop from Kenyatta University which was published in CICE Hiroshima University’s, Journal of International Cooperation in Education report indicated that 1,279 reported that they had been sexually harassed with two-thirds being girls.  While 29 percent boys and 24 percent girls reported having been forced into unwanted sex.

Worldwide, reports have shown that high numbers of children are reportedly abused by nannies or even close relatives and friends who volunteer to look after the children. While the cameras have been in use in the west, the nanny cams that have not been so much sort in Kenya were recently been brought to attention after the media revealed exposes of children mistreated by nannies with the help of the tiny spy cameras. This ignited uproar on social media, with a few organizations cautiously coming to light about their spy cameras available to end the scourge.

The aggravated assault on children has led the working parents to sort out daycare centers where they leave their children and pick them up in the evening after work. This has created business for the centers which are growing at a high rate.

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