When approaching potential customers, you look to build relationships and thus, the choice of words should be very crucial. People, in fact, buy people and not the product. The rights words offer a guideline to the right attitude and approach to get the customers. One word alone can cause a change in your whole strategy.

Concentrate on value not price.

Paying attention to the value you are offering, helps reach the clients. This is so because cutting prices as much as they lead to higher sales, without a context for the price reduction, the customers will automatically adapt to the lower rates and refuse to return to the reasonable prices after the discounts/ after sale services. Value needs to be created in relation to the economies of scale. One of the methods to ensure you achieve this is bundling up products/services that are related.

You should not be quick to give discounts just because the customer is asking for it. If providing discounts is so easy, it means that the asking price was very high, to begin with. The goal should always be to ensure the customer go away with more but not to buy at lower prices.

Concentrate on you not I

The customers do not care that you need to make a sale or are in need of revenue, and they shouldn’t. Drop in revenues, increase in internal demand and high targets are not the customer’s concern, but they may seem to show in the type of approach you use for selling.

Desperation makes one seem pushy, and customers hate pushy salespeople. Instead, ensure to make the sales process more of a conversation Focus on the needs, problems, emotions, and motivations of the client. The customer cannot buy if they do not want to, so ensuring that you focus on them, brings you way closer to making that sale.

Concentrate on benefits and specifications.

Customers are only concerned with specifications and the features of what you are selling in relation to how the qualities will meet their specific needs.  When interacting with the customer, begin with the benefits and help them understand that their requirements will be satisfied. From here, then you can dip into the specs if they show interest in what you are offering.


As desperate as, you may be in making a sale it is vital that you pay attention to the client. Listen to their needs and offer a solution that will be of value to them. Ensure to show how this will meet their requirement. At the end of the day, only the customer can choose to buy.